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What is Social Media in 2021

Wikipedia defines it as “Social media are interactive digitally mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing/exchange of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.”

And, if you understand that you’re ready for a rocket science diploma and a well-done pat on the back. So many elements included in this understanding.

Let’s break it down.

It’s interactive. Well, right off the bat, that sounds scary for me. But social media takes the “scary” out of interaction, because you’re never actually face-to-face with anybody. It’s like eating candy without the sugar. No worries. No blushing. Easy stuff, right?

It’s a digitally mediated technology. Now I’m not much of a wiz in the mediation space, but if it’s digital, like in digital music, I’m in. But the scary part here is the “technology” factor and for me that was always an area like the one USA intelligence hides from us at all cost, they say. On the other hand, if it’s like the “X Factor” then I pretty much understand that. However, did they make up a word here? Mediated? I don’t want to appear timid, but I do have a sort of fear of the unknown, and “mediated” fits into that category because, well, it could mean so many things, eh? But moving forward.

It facilitates a bunch of things, makes them easy? Sure. But is it really easy to create, share and exchange all these things? Creation was never one of my best marks in school. When I was asked to write a 500 word essay, I generally ran out of ideas around 35 words. Now if that was today, I would just delve into American politics. They seem to have a lot of ideas. And the sharing? I’m not sure about that one. I have a hard time sharing my bag of candy! And exchange, well I can never really get a good rate, you know, a deal I can live with.

Anyhow, breaking it down further.

We have all these forms of expression. Nothing is left out. So this is an “all encompassing” sort of quagmire of intellectual versatility much like a bag of candy of all sorts and colors. Colors! I spell it the American way, because it’s more easy, direct and to the point. Us Canadians like to add a “u” somewhere in there, eh? It’s like pie that is already very sweet, but why not add a little whipped cream on top? It’s like a caveat that is irresistible (yes I tried unresistible, and it didn’t work). English grammar was always tricky for me. But getting bak to the meat of the matter. And moving more forward.

It’s all virtual. Now virtually, means “almost”, right? And it has a connotation (big word) of being unreal. Not something you can touch. And again that’s a bit scary for me. I mean, if you can’t touch it, then just exactly where is it? How do you find it? It’s sort of up in the air. This leads me to think this “media” is not of a scientific nature, but more in the realm of witches, brews and soothsayers, eh? And I was taught to stay away from those at all cost and peril. Why don’t the Americans spell that “taut” anyways? Again, moving more forwardly. It’s a good word!

Finally I come to something I understand. Something which more closely resembles earthly. Communities and networks. These are things of this world. My community is the block I live on and my network is my two friends, well really only one. And this leads us to the moral of the story!

If it’s virtual, you can’t really grab it!

If you have a better moral of the story, please, relay it in the comments. Bai bai for now.

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